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Assault Rifle

Remington Delivered Rifle Defective

The Armed Forces of the Philippines currently employs a small handful of different rifles, including American made M16, M4, CAR-15 and Philippine made PVAR rifles, which are all AR-15 variants as well as Heckler and Koch G36, Steyr AUG and IMI Galil rifles. In 2013, Remington has landed a contract to supply the Armed Forces of […]

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Philippine Army SBMS Realignment

The Armed forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Hernando Iriberri said that the plans to buy shore-based missile systems for the military have not been “scrapped”, just postponed.  “It appears the project was scrapped”. It was not scrapped,  we just requested that it would be moved in second horizon . He also […]

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