Assault Rifle

Remington Delivered Rifle Defective

The Armed Forces of the Philippines currently employs a small handful of different rifles, including American made M16, M4, CAR-15 and Philippine made PVAR rifles, which are all AR-15 variants as well as Heckler and Koch G36, Steyr AUG and IMI Galil rifles.

In 2013, Remington has landed a contract to supply the Armed Forces of the Philippines with more than 50,000 M4 assault rifles.

In March 2014,  army confirmed the 2.4 Billion pesos acquisition of 63,000 brand-new automatic rifles.

The first batch consisting 27,300 units  was delivered in July 2014, and the  second batch was delivered in December 2014 consisting 23,329 rifles.

In May 2015,  Department of National Defense (DND) found out that the delivered rifle have defective rear sights. With this problem DND required the supplier to fix the problem. Remington is sending  team to the Philippines to repair the defective parts within 3 months.