Extreme Firecrackers Named after Napoles, Delima & Pacquiao

Published on December 31, 2016 by

Filipinos are so creative in doing illegal, yesterday during the raid of illegal firecrackers lead by Director General of the PNP Ronald dela Rosa at Bulacan.

Several Illegal firecrackers with destructive noise and after the name of well-known personalities such as:

“Goodbye Napoles”, a firecracker named after Janet Lim Napoles.

“Pacquiao-Ultramaa”, name after Manny Pacquio.

“Goodbye De Lima,” name after Leila de Lima.

Pla-Pla, Atomic Bomb, Og Thunder, Kabase, Super Lolo and Goodbye Philippines were confiscated by police authorities.

Last New Year celebrations, hundreds brought to various hospitals in Metro Manila due to injuries either from firecrackers and stray bullets.

Albayalde warned law enforcement officers and civilian gun owners of severe sanctions and criminal cases should they be found firing their weapons indiscriminately to welcome 2017.

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