French Amphibious Assault Ship in Japan, a sign of North Korea and China Warning?

Published on May 7, 2017 by

American and its allies warned and pressured North Korea to halt the nuclear arms production and missile test launch.

North Korea’s response is that the US will pay a high price once they attack their country and they will sink the aircraft carrier using their nuclear weapons.

On April 29, France Amphibious Assault Ship loaded with British Helicopter Arrived in Sasebo, Japan. The ship will stay for several days before heading to Guam for a military exercise.

This warship can carry two landing craft air cushion, 59 vehicles or 40 Leclerc Main Battle Tank. It can also carry 16 heavy helicopters or 32 light attack helicopters.

This amphibious warship will lead the naval exercise, where four big countries were joining in.

Coincided with this date, North Korea also launched another missile test but failed.

It is still fresh in our mind that During Korean War, China and Russia provide human resources and equipment to fight against the United States and UN Troops including the Philippines.

Last month, the US installed the THAAD system in South Korea. The installation comes with North Korea ballistic missile test

China hardly opposed the installation of this defense system, and according to the Chinese government, the purpose of THAAD system is not North Korea. The purpose is to spy China, and they demand it to remove from South Korea.

Few days ahead, Japan, France, United Kingdom and the United States will start the first joint naval exercise near Guam.


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