Joint Air Defense Drills: Philippines and United States Airforce

Published on January 16, 2023 by

In April 2022, the drills at Basa Air Base, Philippines, were participated by a diverse range of aircrafts. The Philippine Air Force’s S211 Aeramachi aircraft, FA-50PH Light Attack Aircraft and United States Air Force’s F-16 Fighting Falcons all took part in the training exercises. The objective of the drills was to familiarize the troops with air defense operations, logistics and refueling.

The drills concluded with an air defense training mission, which aimed to test and improve the troops’ abilities in air defense. The mission was a success, as the troops were able to demonstrate their proficiency in air defense operations, logistics and refueling. This training was crucial in ensuring that the troops are fully prepared to effectively defend the Philippines’ airspace in the event of any potential threats.

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