Philippine Air Force to Acquire Cobra Attack Helicopter

Published on April 22, 2018 by

The Philippines has 12 units of FA-50 Light Multirole Combat Aircraft acquired from South Korea. This Fighter jet was used as a bomber during Marawi Siege and proven as very useful.

Aside from this fighter jet, the Philippine Air Force is also in need of Attack helicopter apart from existing AW109 helicopters and MD520MG.

DND spokesman explained the attack helicopters are part of a long-term modernization program known as Second Horizon, but it remains unclear when the Philippine Air Force is going to buy attack helicopters.

But last year, the Jordan government offered its AH-1 Cobras to the Philippine Air Force. And as of now, there is no official date when is the delivery of this attack helicopter.

It’s undeniable that our airforce pilots are already familiarized with this type of attack helicopter since the United States allow them to test their attack cobra helicopter.

Note: This article needs validation.

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