Philippine Marines and US Marines in Jungle Survival

Published on February 14, 2016 by

The jungle is a harsh and unforgiving environment, and surviving in it requires a certain set of skills and knowledge. American soldiers have been learning from their Philippine counterparts in order to gain an understanding of the different ways in which to survive in the jungle. The training includes learning how to make fire using only natural materials, such as bamboo and sawdust. This is an essential skill for survival in the jungle, as it allows soldiers to cook food and create warmth in the evening.

The soldiers also learn how to hunt and forage for food in the jungle. This includes hunting for bats, which are a common food source in the jungle. The soldiers learn how to trap and prepare bats for cooking, as well as other methods for catching wild animals. This is an important skill to have, as the jungle can be a challenging place to find food.

In addition to learning how to survive in the jungle, the soldiers also learn about the different types of plants and animals that can be found in the jungle. This includes learning how to identify different species of plants and animals, as well as how to use them for survival. For example, the soldiers learn how to identify medicinal plants that can be used to treat injuries and illnesses. They also learn how to identify animals that can be hunted for food, such as deer and wild pigs.

The training also includes learning about the different types of terrain that can be found in the jungle. This includes learning about the different types of soil, vegetation, and topography that can be found in the jungle. The soldiers learn how to navigate through the jungle using a map and compass, as well as how to read the signs of the jungle to determine their location.

The training is conducted in real-time, which means that the soldiers are immersed in the jungle environment while they learn. This allows them to gain valuable experience and skills in a realistic setting. The soldiers are taught by experts in the field, who have years of experience in surviving in the jungle. This ensures that the soldiers are learning from the best, and that they are receiving the highest quality training possible.

The jungle is a challenging environment, but with the right training, American soldiers can learn how to survive in it. The training that they receive from their Philippine counterparts is invaluable, as it provides them with the skills and knowledge that they need to survive in the jungle. This training is essential for the future of American soldiers, as it ensures that they have the ability to adapt and survive in any environment.

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