Philippines Enhancing Military Readiness: Medical Emergencies and Airspace Coordination

Published on January 16, 2023 by

The topic of discussion among military leaders was the crucial role of close air support in successful operations. As part of the ongoing efforts to enhance capabilities and improve readiness, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) medical team underwent specialized training to effectively handle various medical emergencies that may arise during military operations. This included advanced techniques in surgery and other medical procedures.

In April 2022, the AFP completed a series of airspace coordination and medical operation/surgery drills to ensure that the medical team is fully prepared to provide timely and efficient medical support to troops in the field. The training was designed to improve the ability of the medical team to effectively respond to the unique challenges and needs of military operations, and to ensure that the team is fully prepared to provide the highest level of care to troops in the field.

The training also included drills to test the team’s ability to coordinate with other branches of the military, such as the air force, to ensure that medical support is provided in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Overall, the training was an important step in enhancing the readiness and capabilities of the AFP medical team, and in ensuring that troops have access to the highest level of medical care when it is needed most.

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