Russian Navy Destroyer Visits the Philippines

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Two large Russian naval vessels will be spending a goodwill visit to the country in January 2017.

During the visit, a customary meeting procedure will be conducted followed by a welcome ceremony to be rendered by the Philippine Navy.

The Udaloy-class destroyer/large anti-submarine ship, Admiral Tributs and the Boris Chilikin class fleet oiler, Boris Butoma, will arrive at Pier 15, South Harbor Manila, 2nd day of January 2016.

Udaloy Class Destroyer Admiral Tributs


Speed: 29.5 knots, cruising – 14 knots
Crewmembers: 293 men
Total Displacement: 7,480 tonnes
Length: 163 meters
Beam: 19 meters
Draft: 7.8 meters


2 x 4-container launchers of Rastrub rocket torpedo system
6-26 mines
8 Kinzhal SAM launchers (64 missiles)
2 x 100-mm AK-100 gun mounts
4 x 6-barreled 30-mm machineguns AK-630M
RBU-6000 anti-submarine rocket launchers
2 Ka-27 helicopters

Admiral Tributs was commissioned on February 15, 1986.

The Russian naval delegation will be headed by the Pacific Fleet flotilla deputy commander Rear Admiral Eduard Mikhailov.

Philippine Navy Capt. Lued Lincuna said, there will be courtesy calls, tour to historical places within Manila and Cavite area, capability demonstration, goodwill games, wreath laying, shipboard tour and send-off ceremony among others.

Note: The warship included in the video is Udaloy-class destroyer Admiral Panteleyev. This destroyer is identical to Admiral Tributs.

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