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MSgt. Emiliano Hemongala of the Philippine Marine Corps was called to reinforce a detachment outpost when his convoy was ambushed. The sole survivor, he was able to fend off the enemy from his armored vehicle. Rescue came more than an hour later and successfully extricated M.Sgt Hemongala. He lost his right leg and some movement in his arm.

Scout Ranger Sgt. Roberto Ricafranca, a top gun in his sniper class, volunteered to stay and provide cover fire for his retreating troops. He gathered all their ammunition and told them to get to safety. From an elevated position, he laid down sniper fire until he ran out of bullets. As a direct result of his sacrifice, dozens of his brothers are still alive today.

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Sgt. Roberto Ricafranca’s true story is based on the book “Scout Ranger War Stories” by Lt.Col. Dennis Eclarin

Featuring Zyruz Imperial and JC Tan
Pircelyn Pialogo
Miela Sayo
Kim Chloie Oquindo
Knewelle Purple Marquez
Erish De Guzman

Director : Dominic Carlo Nuesa
Editor : Javi Abola
Production Manager : Yasmin Coles
Make-up Artist : Lou Mendoza with Rizza
Cinematography: Ken Yamaguchi
Art Directors : Rommel Gonzales, Rey Peru
Special FX : Dick Sto. Domingo
Music : Nel Pilar
Sound FX: Greg Rodriguez III
Colorist : Marilen Magsaysay
Produced by An Earth Below Productions for HERO Foundation, INC
Sound recorded by Wildsound Studios
Dedicated to the brave men and women of the AFP. Special thanks to the First Scout Ranger Regiment and Philippine Marine Corps for making all of this possible.

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HERO Foundation Inc.

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