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Scout Ranger Class 190 Send-off Ceremony
Camp General Teodulfo Bautista, Busbus, Jolo, Sulu
December 30, 2014
by Josephine Jaron Codilla

WE STRIKE (Scout Ranger Song) lyrics

“We strike
We who are happy and free
Birds of same feather
We flutter together
Scout Rangers of fortune are we

We sing
Greeting the night with a song
Laughing out danger
We fight like a panther
And conquer the hardships always

Shadows to hide us
And bright stars to guide us
The night we roam
No one can find us
Wherever we choose to roam

We ride (Hep!), March (Hep!), Creep (Hep!), Crawl (Hep!)
Silently in the jungle
Scout Rangers of fortune are we
Seeking and fighting
Laughing and loving
Scout Rangers of fortune are we

One.. Two.. Three.. Rangers!!”

Video Courtesy:
Josephine Jaron Codilla

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