Philippine National Oil Company Give Three Oil Tankers To Philippine Navy

A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) provides that the PNOC Shipping and Transport Corporation (PSTC) team will turn-over the tankers with all its accessories to the PN before the exit of the tankers from the Lamao Anchorage in Lamay, Bataan.

The PSTC crew shall also lend a hand the Philippine Navy on the familiarization of the apparatus and navigation systems of the tankers and the transmitting of the tankers from Lamao Anchorage to the designated port or location identified. The tanker is a wholly owned subsidiary of PNOC engaged in performing, managing and carrying on the business of shipping, tinkering, lighter age, barging, towing, transport and shipment of goods, chattels, petroleum and other products.

PSTC issued the notice of Donation to the PN on Oct. 30, 2013 and obtained from PN the letter dated Feb. 18, 2014 confirming the readiness to receive the tankers. It is a very pleasant surprise for the navy to such kind of machineries. The oil tanker could provide the sustainment capabilities for the naval operations.