Vice Pres Jejomar Binay Economic and South China Sea Tension Speech

Vice President Jeomar Binay speech regarding Philippine economy, economic policies, Makati City development, re-balancing of United States of America to Asia Pacific and South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) tension during “The Banyan Tree Leadership Forum”.

Questions and Answer:
Energy crisis problem (Nuclear Power – Bataan Power Plant),
Poverty problem,
Is he running for President in 2016 Election,
Philippine Government Economic Plan,
Makati comparing to other cities,
Former President Macapagal 5 year Strategic Economic Plan,
Betrayal of Philippines US Enhance Defense Agreement,
CSIS held this important speech by the Hon. Jejomar C. Binay, vice president of the Republic of the Philippines. Mr. Binay became vice president on June 30, 2010, following 20 years as the mayor of Makati City, Manila. He is a presidential candidate in the upcoming 2016 elections.

Vice President Binay currently serves as chairman of the Housing Urban Development Coordinating Council as well as president of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines. He is a senior executive fellow of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and will meet with President Barack Obama during his official visit to the Philippines in late April.

The Honorable Jejomar C. Binay
Vice President
The Republic of the Philippines

Moderated by

Mr. Ernest Bower
Senior Adviser and Sumitro Chair for Southeast Asia Studies
Center for Strategic and International Studies