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Taiwan – Philippines Fisheries Agreement

Taiwan – There is no particular date on the prospect for Taiwan’s fisheries deal with the Philippines. For about two years of talks and claims that the agreement has reached the final review.

Since 2013, Taiwan and the Philippine government have been negotiating together  on law enforcement cooperation on fishing matters in terms on their overlapping Exclusive Economic Zone.

In December 2014, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) stated that the guidelines  had reached final examination and could be signed before the fishing season starts.

At first, the Philippines hand-me-down the request from Taiwan Government  that their fishing boats will  be permitted to go through Philippines Coast  between 12 and 24 miles. The Philippines stated that  Taiwan is a non-sovereign state therefore they have no rights for the claim.  Regarding this matter the Taiwan’s negotiators have gone to the Philippines twice  to settle the issue.

In August 2015, Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry hope to sign the bilateral fisheries agreement as soon  as possible

At this moment, there is no schedule yet for the signing of the fisheries Agreement between the two countries.