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PAL Airbus A330-300

Taiwan-Philippines Revise Aviation Agreement to Allow More Flights

Taiwan and Philippines come up into amendment to any aviation that will considerably increase flights and open up for tourism between the two countries. Under the contract, the number of passenger seats between the two countries will raise from 4,800 a week  to 20,000 per week this year. By 2016, an additional capacity will increase […]

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Taiwan Coast Guard

Taiwan Increase Maritime Cooperation With Philippines And Japan

Taiwan’s coastguard desires to advance cooperation with the Philippines and conduct  joint search and rescue exercises despite anxious standoffs in disputed waters. The countries have decided to work toward joint exercises and have already apprehended deliberations on how to perform rescue operations. Both sides are making an effort. In late May and early June 2015, […]

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Taiwan Coast Guard Cutter

Taiwan – Philippines Fisheries Agreement

Taiwan – There is no particular date on the prospect for Taiwan’s fisheries deal with the Philippines. For about two years of talks and claims that the agreement has reached the final review. Since 2013, Taiwan and the Philippine government have been negotiating together  on law enforcement cooperation on fishing matters in terms on their […]

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