Brazil Uniform

Brazil and The Philippines Has Something in Common, A Future Allied Force?

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is expressly happy regarding the offer of training in jungle warfare of the Brazilian Army through the meeting of Philippine Ambassador to Brazil Jose D.R. Burgos with Lieutenant  Brigadier (General) Nivaldo Luis Rossato, Commander of Brazilian Air Force.

Colonel Benjamin Hao, Philippine Army spokesperson said, “If the government will accept [the invitation], then the Philippine Army will be very willing to be part of it. The more training experience with other armies, the better for our troops.”

Colonel Noel Detoyato, chief of Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Public Affairs Office left a statement that the proposal was a recognition of the importance of joint and combined military exercises for future allied forces. This will also be a great help for Philippine Army tactics.

On the other hand, with a thing in common, Brazil proposed eliminating drug trafficking which is rampant in both the Philippine and their country as well.

An estimated crime of about eighty (80) per cent is found to be under felonious acts of drug trafficking which is very common between the two countries.