TC-90 aircrafts

Japan – Philippines Signing of Agreement on the Lease of Aircraft

Philippines leased five more aircraft patrol with Japan as declared in disclosed documents signed by both parties dealt with the transfer of military equipment’s and technology, essential documents are vital to refrain from being tagged as third party coordination.

Japan will lease TC-90 aircrafts, part of their contribution to stronger claims and resistance of the Philippines to a major opposing claimant to South China Sea, People’s Republic of China. Included in the plan of acquisition between former foes during Second World War are fighter jets and transport aircraft.

The main actress of the speech of President Benigno Aquino III is its high flying claims of stronger reserves army to help patrol our territories by land, air and sea. Five aircrafts from Japan alongside with the transactions of United States and South Korea, he had done better for the welfare of the Asia’s poorest and weakest army compared to three administrations beforehand his leadership.

“All of these additional equipment are part of our [Philippine Air Force] Flight Plan 2028, aimed at improving the capability of our air force to defend our territory,” Aquino added.

China claims the Spratly Island in the West Philippine Sea, as how Philippines call it, and South China Sea by the claims of People’s Republic of China. It is believed that one-third of the world’s oil passes in the vying island with up to $5 trillion worth of ship-borne trade passes annually, a drive which caught the interest of China, Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia.

As China upgraded the island which is presumed to be owned by other countries, planted their military occupation, regardless of the claims of other countries, either by part or in whole.

Philippines claims that China’s moves were illegal and in contrary to the adherence to principles of international law.

Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force is known to have been used TC-90, a modified version of King Air C90 manufactured by US-based Raytheon Aircraft Co., as training aircraft.