Philippine Navy Modernization Horizon 1

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From navy helicopter, missile capable multipurpose attack craft, to anti submarine helicopter, landing craft utility, sea replenishment vessel,  to landing platform dock and frigates. This is  an update of Philippine Navy modernization as of 2015.

1. Five AgustaWestland AW109E Power Helicopter

Ordered three helicopters in 2014, the navy added two units later.

2. Three Multi-purpose Attack Craft

These three fast attack craft will be equipped with  a remote weapon system  with missile firing capability. Allotted budget is 270 million pesos.

3. Two antisubmarine helicopter

Allotted budget is 5.4 billion pesos.

4. One Unit Landing Craft Utility from South Korea

5. Three Replenishment Tanker 

In 2014, the Philippine Navy received three tanker ships from the Philippine National Oil Corporation.

6. Two Units Strategic Sealift Vessel

In January 2014, PT PAL Indonesian won the bidding with a bid price offer of 3.8billion pesos

7. Eight Amphibious Assault Vehicle for the Philippine Marines

No other bidder except the Korean Company, Samsung Techwin.

8. Korean Warship – A Pohang Class Corvette

In 2014, the Republic of Korea Government affirmed to the Philippines to give its Pohang Class corvette.

9. Procurement of Two Frigates

After failed negotiation of Italian Maestrale class Anti-Submarine Frigates (ASW) transfer, the government then allotted 18 billion pesos for the procurement of two brand new frigates.

Will update this post sooner.

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