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We all explicitly know that the Philippine Armed Forces is now out-to-date when it comes to war fighting technology. Being one of the under-sized country with under-sized military power, the Philippines further looks for improvement to the same.

As Philippine Air Force is in need of a multi-role combat aircraft, a plan to acquire a type of  aircraft to prepare them in this kind of war fighting  technology took place.

As a result, a  trainer aircraft that will embody and transmit the Filipino pilots that projects the security of the country to more advance and futuristic supersonic combat aircraft.

With this project,  the first contender was the  KAI T-50 trainer aircraft of South Korea, which used by Korea aerobatics team.

But as tension between the Philippines – China over the West Philippine Sea territory heated up; become the major propeller as to why the Philippines need stronger armed forces and improved technology comparable to other countries.  The plan of acquiring the trainer was upgraded to more advance aircraft.

With a speed of 1.5 MACH (1,800 kilometer per hour), it can also be loaded with different kinds of missiles. The KAI T-50 Golden Eagle Trainer Aircraft was upgraded to FA-50 Fighting Eagle.

This project  was laid down when Pres. Benigno Aquino III visited South Korea through government to government negotiation.

As a splendid news, in November 2015,  the first two supersonic combat jets delivered in Clark Airbase, Pampanga. It also performed flyby  during Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) 80th founding anniversary and celebration of Rizal Day.

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