Unleashing the Power of Partnership: Philippines and United States Forces Join Forces for Success

Published on January 16, 2023 by

It is increasingly important for the presence and partnerships with allies in the region to be acknowledged. The opportunity to spend time interacting with partners is vital, as it allows for personal connections to be made, making it easier to work side by side, not only on a professional level.

During the exercise, it is not just the U.S or the AFP that is involved, every step is taken together to build the ability to work together to solve not just military crises but humanitarian crises. The opening of foreign activities with open arms is substantial, as it allows for the effort of both nations to be remembered, such as the construction and use of school buildings by children.

The Philippines and the United States have a shared history, and working together during the Balikatan exercise allows for more results to be achieved, and more success to be had. It strengthens the alliance between the two countries by having a shared approach to safety and security in the region. What is being done here, provides both trust and confidence to make communities better, as both nations gain from each other. It is through the shared relationship that both nations become stronger, interoperability is improved and peace and prosperity within the alliance is ensured.

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