US and South Korea Response North Korea Missile Launch Test

Published on July 29, 2017 by

North Korea is constantly threatening the peace and the Korean people on the Korean peninsula through nuclear tests and missile launches. In response to North Korea missile launching, the United States and South Korean Forces conduct missile test to test its offensive and defensive capabilities.

First, it is a new type of ballistic missile firing and a flying scene that has improved the accuracy and power drastically compared to the ballistic missiles that have been released so far. They have the ability to fire four shots within a matter of seconds from the same launch pad, which means they can destroy targets in a very short amount of time. The next step is to accurately hit the target point, which can improve the accuracy and cause fatal damage to the target with one step.

In particular, it can destroy all the Changsha Pollution Tunnels that threaten the metropolitan area as well as the North Korean nuclear and missile bases.

The military has the world’s highest precision and destructive missile capability that can cruise anywhere in North Korea if needed, and will greatly enhance missile units
and power in the future.

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