To Answer China’s Aggression, Japan to Build an Aircraft Carrier

Published on March 23, 2018 by

Japan’s ruling party recommended, that the nation should produce its own  aircraft carrier and buy more American F-35B fighter jets in response to aggressive Chinese actions.

As of now, Japan has four landing platform dock type destroyers, the Izumo and Hyuga classes, which both can accommodate F35B Fighter jets and helicopters.

China has said that because of “historical reasons,” Japan’s military policies “receive a high level of concern from Asian neighbors.” It has said Japan should “refrain from doing anything that would damage regional peace and stability.”

The party didn’t specify what type of aircraft carrier but lawmakers are looking at whether to select those destroyers or built a new type at the cost of $1 billion or more which can handle fighter jets.

Japan defense budget is increasing up to $47 billion this year as it funds new military bases on southern islands as well as improve its cruise missiles and ballistic-missile defenses.

The final version of the recommendations will be released in May.

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