Month: March 2016

TC-90 aircrafts

Japan – Philippines Signing of Agreement on the Lease of Aircraft

Philippines leased five more aircraft patrol with Japan as declared in disclosed documents signed by both parties dealt with the transfer of military equipment’s and technology, essential documents are vital to refrain from being tagged as third party coordination. Japan will lease TC-90 aircrafts, part of their contribution to stronger claims and resistance of the […]

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Brazil Uniform

Brazil and The Philippines Has Something in Common, A Future Allied Force?

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is expressly happy regarding the offer of training in jungle warfare of the Brazilian Army through the meeting of Philippine Ambassador to Brazil Jose D.R. Burgos with Lieutenant  Brigadier (General) Nivaldo Luis Rossato, Commander of Brazilian Air Force. Colonel Benjamin Hao, Philippine Army spokesperson said, “If the government will […]

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AgustaWEstland AW-159 ASW Helicopter

AgustaWestland Won 5.4 Billion-Peso Bidding For Anti-Submarine Helicopter

Php 5.4 billion was earmarked to Philippine Navy by the National Government for the acquisition of two anti-submarine warfare (ASW) helicopters, sourced from the AFP Modernization Trust Fund according to Bids and Awards Committee that was later confirmed by Department of National Defense Undersecretary for Finance, Modernization, Installations and Munitions Fernando Manalo. Bidding has gone […]

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ASW Helicopter

Philippine Navy Anti Submarine Helicopter

AgustaWestland is an aircraft manufacturer that was chosen by Department of National Defense (DND) to be the possible supplier of two (2) ASW helicopters named AW-159 “Wildcat”, an anti-submarine helicopters dealt with in the late 2015. AgustaWestland is currently in the stage of post-qualification check of DND with its 5.4 billion-peso helicopter project. This way, […]

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A Beneficial Gain: Brazil to Train Filipino Pilots

In February 2016, Philippine Ambassador to Brazil Jose D.R. Burgos met with Lieutenant  Brigadier (General) Nivaldo Luis Rossato, Commander of Brazilian Air Force. General Rossato informed our Ambassador Burgos that Brazil is willing to offer training for Philippine Air Force officials and pilots, from company grade to more senior levels, particularly on flight security and […]

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