Indonesian Navy Makassar Class

Philippine Navy 2 Strategic Sealift Vessel P4 billion Acquisition

The Philippine Navy revealed the fleet desired force mix in 2012, which indicated that would require four Landing Platforms Do LPD-type vessels.

In 2013, the Department of National Defense released the Strategic Sealift Vessels requirements and the vessels must be at least:

  • Minimum displacement = 7,300 tons
  • Minimum length = 120 meters
  • Minimum cruising speed = 13 knots
  • Maximum speed = not less than 16 knots
  • Well deck hoist for lifting of LCM/U
  • Storage space = 800 square meters (minimum) or for 12 M35 trucks
  • Vehicle lift or ramp access from helicopter deck to inner tank deck (AAV not included)
  • Boat davit capacity = 15 tons
  • Aft helicopter deck = able to accommodate two (2) 10-tonner helicopters
  • Hangar for a single helicopter, facility for deck to hangar transfer
  • Two LCM/U (18-ton payload / 80-men capacity)
  • 2 RHIBs
  • Crew training support (130) before vessel delivery

In January 2014, PT PAL Indonesia had won the bidding with a price offer of P3.8 billion. Two months after PT PAL hand over the scale model of the strategic sealift vessel to Philippine Navy.

In January 2015, a steel cutting ceremony was held at the company’s place in Surabaya, Indonesia. PT PAL also published the vessels specifications which is:

  • Length = 123 meters
  • Beam = 21.8 meters
  • Draught = 6 meters
  • Displacement = 11,583 tons full load
  • Range = 9,360 nautical miles
  • top speed = 16 knots
  • Endurance of 30 days.

The vessels can accommodate 121 crews, able to transport 500 troops, and the flight decks can board up to two medium helicopters.  Its communication components will be provided by the Portuguese military communications company (EID).

As of August 2015, IHS Jane confirmed that the first Strategic Sealift Vessel is nearly 70 percent complete while the second is 4o percent done. Based on the report, the  SSV’s will be provided with one 76 mm main gun and two 25mm guns with a contract price of 92 million US dollars.

The Four billion pesos Strategic Vessel is expected to finish by 2016 and 2017 respectively.